​Lately I’ve been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be. But baby I’ve been praying hard no more counting coins will be counting stars. Shoot am singing, one directions, counting stars. For a moment there i thought I was creative or is it crazy. But at least that’s a sign i  know a song that isn’t by Mejja or Gabu and Kristof. Locals that’s what they call them  right??. Wait am just digressing. Lately I’ve been losing sleep, thinking abt things I’d  tell you. So that you’d forgive me. Forgive!! about what ??? I wonder. Is it because am a bit dark, darker than coal. Why you acting like your shadow ain’t black. Haha that was supposed to be funny. I know. it’s not. Or are you forgiving me because you love me ? That is a crime right ! You loving me! I know you don’t. Why would you? Am just me. This lame daark guy that is  extremely tall handsome rich (someday, soon) and every girls dream. Shìii am i pitying my self and being egotistical in the same sentence. I guess that just sums it all (wierd). You  keep on saying you dont … a friend …..and so much crap I can’t even remember. 

This shit is so confusing and here I am thinking it’s creative. But creative is crazy right? I wouldn’t know I’m just a crazy guy who believes in vampires werewolves witches and love. Pssh they all don’t exist I’m just being wierd.
Wait so who was i talking about. You really want to know. How have you even read this far. Nobody reads any more, they all have better stuff to do like being lame. There i  go again digressing. Digressing such a fancy word. How do I even know it. Ooh like I was saying.
I was talking about this goddess. She is both a Princess and Queen. If I ever own an empire(of course I will) I’d love her to be the first lady(of course she won’t) even with the empire I’ll still be a rich weirdo. Okay so my baby gal(she hates that name) she has 4 dimples. One on her left chick another on her right. Wait I can’t really describe the other two here. I can’t even describe her. I’ll try and paint her as pretty but my wierdo description will deceive  you. You might think she’s as weird as I am. She’s not. She’s just the most beautiful thing in my life. She is an enigma. A master piece one that not even Neil Cuffley(from white collar) can forge. Finally am done. There’s nothing dumb I can add. Lemme guess nobody read to the end. But just if someone did…haha they are probably as idle as I am. Or equally obsessed with someone who probably will never notice them. Am just kidding. I wouldn’t be so rude to a reader who came this far Don’t pay attention to me. But then again you should be doing something better with your time. Like studying for exams or coming up with a plan about how you will build an empire or maybe how we will deal with the vampire menace in our society.


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