​This generation, my generation, what have we become  They have led us to believe that if you want  to look … More

It’s like I dream. I wake up in the middle Of the night. In the middle of a white room … More


​Lately I’ve been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be. But baby I’ve been praying hard no … More


​I watched Catherine  Fight for Stephan He kept on pushing her away But she fought like the monster they Were … More

Mind games 

​The lies we tell  Always trying to outsmart Fate reality everything Always as if we are in a battle The … More

Always and forever

​All the false promises I made  Always and forever I wanna stay just to make them true I thought I’d … More


​THINKING  About you About her About us About how you think am gone  never to be urs About how wrong … More

Dot dot dot.  . . 

​I look at my phone awaiting your reply  Today you are my confidant My most trusted allay Tomorrow am not … More